The Game of Life Online Free

Life is full of surprises. You will never know what to expect as anything can come your way. You will face challenges and you need to make your decisions. The decisions you will make will create a big impact in your life. But since it is your life, you are the one who will choose your path and work your way to become successful. The Game of Life, a board game that was first introduced in 1860, imitates the real experiences in life. It was designed to accommodate a maximum of 6 players. The goal is to make specific decisions throughout the game to save as much money as you can for your retirement. This board game was then made available for PC and mobile phone users. The Game of Life online free download for computer and mobile devices is available for those who would like to try playing the game first before purchasing the full version, which is available for a cost.

Game Download and Installation


Search online for sites that offer free download. You will find several of them on the Internet. Online versions of the game was available in the past making it readily available to play without the need for download and installation. However, it is now difficult to find a site that offers the game online. Plus, the free version will only allow you to play for around 30 minutes or an hour, depending on the site. But this is enough for you to get the feel of the game and decide if you would like to go for the paid version. This is an enjoyable game so you will probably decide to purchase the full version once the free trial expires. Download the application and wait for it to finish. Once installation is complete, install the downloaded file and wait for it to complete. Once installation is done, you will be able to experience playing this widely popular game.


How to Play the Game


You can play the game on your own or you can have to up to 5 players to play with you. The game will be more exciting if you play it with other people. However, if you are alone, you can still play the game and kill time if you are bored. If you find other people to play with, it will be more fun since you can compete with each other to determine who wins at the end of the game. The game will be about the path that the players take based on the decisions that they make. The situations that you will face on the game are similar to actual situations that you may encounter in real life. Instead of taking years to determine your fate in the actual life, you will know it at the end of the game, which usually takes around one hour to finish. To start the game, choose whether you would like to go to college or start working. Park your car on the option that you chose and continue with the game by spinning on the wheel to determine where your journey will take you. If playing with others, the player with the most money wins.