The Game Of Life Download

The Game of Life was first introduced in 1860 and became a popular board game in several homes. Players purchase the game box, which contains all the items that are needed to play the game. Some of the items included are the game board, car pawns, bridge, spinner and stack of money. The items need to be assembled to start playing the game. It involves making certain decisions that will determine if you will have a comfortable retirement or not. This will follow your journey from your college years (if you choose to go to college) to the time you retire. Two to six players can compete with each other and play well to become the most successful individual at the end of the game. The one with the most amount of money in the end wins. The Game of Life download is available for computer and mobile devices.

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Playing the Game on PC and Mobile Device

This fun life inspired game was made available to computer users in 1998. The CD-ROM version was designed so game lovers can play it on their PC. This is more convenient as there is no need to set up the items, which may take time. After installing the game, everything is ready to play. Since the computer version became a hit, game sites started offering it online. However, most of them stopped offering the online version and started to offer free trial download. You have the option to download the free trial or download the paid version directly. If you want to make sure that you like the game before spending some money, go for the free trial version first. Make sure that you computer meets the minimum system requirements to prevent any game problems. If you want to have access to the game wherever you go, download the appropriate application for your mobile device.


How to Play the Game


Launch the game by clicking on the game icon. Start the game and spin the wheel to determine which player will take the first turn. You will make various choices as you go on with the game. The first choice you need to make is whether you want to go to college or you want to start working. You will start earning earlier if you choose to work. But if you choose to go to college, it may take a longer journey but you will have higher earnings once you’re ready to work. Since the goal of the game is to save as much money as you can for your retirement, getting a college degree can be a good option. But it’s your life so the decision is solely up to you. The number of steps you need to take will depend on the number you get when you spin the wheel. Each player will take turn on spinning the wheel. There will be red steps in which you will be required to take some actions. Determine which will give you a better life. Choose if you want to marry or focus on your career, work on a job or make some investments. The situations that you will encounter on the game are much like what’s happening in the real world.