Play the Game of Life online

If you and your friends have nothing to do on a monotonous Sunday afternoon, The Game of Life will bring excitement to your day. Before, players were able to play The Game of Life online. There were several game sites that offer the game for free back then. However, most of them are no longer available today. But this is not a problem, as the game is available to be downloaded for free. The free trial version of the game will give you a chance to experience this fun life adventure board game with your friends. A lot of sites offer free download so you will not have a hard time finding one. However, the free trial version can only be used for a short period.

The Game of Life has been upgraded for The Game of Financial Life from 


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Once the trial expires, you will be asked to purchase the full version. This is a great game so the amount that you will use for the full version download will be worth it. Besides, this is a one-time fee so once you purchased the game you can have it for life. Most of the sites that offer the full version of the game accept credit card payment. However, if you want to check how the game is played, you may go for the free trial first. The board used is like a monopoly board. Instead of using a pair of dice to determine how many moves you will make to advance on the game, there will be a spin wheel on the game window, which will tell how many steps you need to take.


Spin the wheel to determine who will play first. Two to six players can join in this decision making game. You will make various decisions while playing the game, which will play a major role on your ending. This game depicts real life as the choices that you make will determine your future. But the good thing about the game is that there will be no real harm that will be done if you make wrong decisions. You can always play the game again and hope for a better outcome.


Upon starting the game, you will be asked to choose if you want to start working to earn money or you want to pursue college. This is a real life situation that graduating high school students usually face. Getting a degree will give you a better opportunity of getting a high paying job in the future. There are different careers to choose from. You can be an athlete, doctor, accountant, salesman and more. Like in real life, you will be asked to pay for taxes and you will encounter other expenses.


As you move on with the game, make your decisions depending on what the game brings you. You have the chance to get married or stay single. Plus, you can decide how many kids you want to have. Make some investments if you want to earn more. Get insurance to secure your properties. When you reach retirement, you can choose to stay on the Millionaire’s Estate or Countryside Acres. The player with the most money will win the game.